What is considered Clean Dirt & Concrete?

It’s fairly common knowledge that different projects call for different sized dumpster.  But did you know that certain projects might also mean you’re eligible for a reduced price dumpster?

Clean dirt, concrete, block or asphalt can be recycled when kept separate from other debris.  While being less expensive, these dumpsters are typically smaller in size as well, therefore saving you space on your jobsite.  When these clean materials are picked up, they are taken to a yard that will repurpose them for things like new concrete mix, road repairs and new construction foundations.  It can also be used for leveling out new and existing landscapes.

By taking this extra step, you are saving the environment and some cash!  But what does it mean to be “clean”?  In general, “clean” simply means nothing else mixed in.  The material is free of inorganic material, combustibles, material that is dangerous to handle (glass and metal), and generally free of additional material.

Give us a call for help assessing your project needs or to set up a dumpster rental, even if it doesn’t involve “clean” material or find more information here.